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April 14, 2009 - 8:18 pm

I'm getting ready to do my taxes, hence a stroll down diarylane. Destination procrastination.

Let's see, where was I? Good news on the mom-front. My mom had a weird kind of seizure (obviously not the good part) which is why in my last entry I thought she was going to die. Well, the nurses discovered it (finally) and now she's in amazing spirits. She is no longer feeling depressed or wants to die. She is feeling strong and well and happy. The change is night and day, folks. Really, I feel so great talking to her on the phone now and she can speak in almost complete sentences which is amazing! I'm really restraining my use of exclamation points but all is well and good. I know it's probably temporary (as my mom still has a brain tumor/cancer) but if she feels good, then I feel good. Screw you cancer!

We're going to Seattle in a couple of weeks which is why I want to have our taxes done before we go. Even though I hate Seattle I'm actually excited about it. We're going to see the Black Lips and stay at a fancy hotel (thanks Priceline!). We're also going to meet up with some blogging friends (one who is on the NYT best sellers list & opening up a restaurant), so la-dee-da! I haven't seen her in a few years, so it will be fun I'm sure. Just to get away from the computer will be a gift in itself.

Other trivial things:
- I just found 2 cheques on my messy desktop that I haven't cashed. I do this on occasion. Can I be so damn thrifty that I forget about mother-fucking money?? I'm insane.
- Yesterday I bought a blouse (on super sale) from Banana Republic that looks Amish. I wore it today and I love it. It's like rumspringa in my closet!
- Speaking of the Amish and rumpsringa, a while ago we saw that documentary and man, it's fucked up.
- I've got to get my hair cut. It's getting way too long. Today I put my hair in a barrette that I've had since my "youth" (it's a plastic baby barrette, black with stars)...and well over 15 years old. Who keeps a barrette for that friggin long? Oh yeah, me.

Quit procrastinating! Taxes await!

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