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June 21, 2007 - 5:26 pm

Riding my bike in shortpants and a short sleeve tee is just the right amount of summer to get me smiling from ear to ear. I guess it's officially summer now and I'm so glad to see it...it's been a long winter. I was full of extra smiles to the helpful guy at the hardware store who really, really helped me out with my 101 questions and then when a woman saw that I was only buying a bag of fresh cherries let me in ahead of her in line at the grocery store, well, I almost broke down with happiness. I must be getting my period soon and instead of tears I'm all happy-happy joy-joy! When I came home, I saw an interview on CBC with writer Susan Angiers talking about her new book The Canon and she just seemed so freaking awesome and wacky and cool that I instantly put it on hold...even though it's about science. She just seemed that friggin' cool.

This weekend was also pretty damn wonderful. We drove down to Portland with a quick stop in Centralia where we stumbled upon this "outsider/folk art" house and took a ton of photos. It was great seeing Kyla & Sergio again and we did much hanging out, going out for good beers and good food and we even slapped our butts down at Bagby Hot Springs...maybe right even in the same spot where Will Oldam slapped down his ol' butt in Old Joy. It was a ton of fun and I'm certainly going to miss having my good friends so close by as they are moving to NC in August. Oh well...that only means travels to the South which is really a dream come true.

Look at that, I'm all smiles again. Wheeeee!

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