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July 19, 2007 - 9:00 pm

today has been kinda rough. i guess last week my mom had a stroke but she didn't realize it. she noticed that last week her arm was all fucked up. she couldn't write or hold anything or do anything with it. she went to the hospital and they said it wasn't a stroke. however 2 days ago, she went to a different hospital where they did a catscan and oops, they realized that she really did have a stroke. i talked to my mom and while she is fine she's going to have to attend physio for her arm. it's really numb and she can't move it, lift it or do anything with it. what's worse is that she'll never fully recover from it. sucks.

and to make things suck harder, today i got a bill from the government saying that i owe an extra $854 in taxes. that's on top of the thousand or so i paid in april. i feel so out of control, money-wise. i haven't received any cheques yet this month for work and it's freaking me out. i keep thinking how can i even think of taking 5 weeks off to spend even more money in europe? ack.

we were about to buy plane tickets today but then realized that cornelius still hasn't received his passport yet in the mail so we'll wait it out just to make sure that he gets it. we don't want to pay for tickets and then have a passport mishap.

fuck. i'm so not happy.

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