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June 06, 2007 - 4:07 pm

Today I met with my old work collegues for s'mores at a local chocolate cafe. My old boss is quitting her job and moving out of Vancouver to Nelson to live her dreams which is very exciting. I brought her the prettiest pink peonies and all my best wishes in the world. She was very sweet and told me — in all earnestness — I've been a very important person to her and that I've always voiced things she's never had the courage to say outloud. Wow, that was pretty nice to hear, I must say! And on my walk downtown today, a stranger commented that he "loved my hair" which was also a pretty nice thing to hear. So I pretty much walked around all day with a smile plastered to my face. The only bit of a bummer came when I purchased a "ladies magazine". I was interviewed a few months ago by a national magazine about my food blog and was told it would be in the June issue. So today I went out and bought the magazine, flipped by every page and realized that the article didn't make the cut. Oh well, at least now I have important summer guides like, "LOVE YOUR BODY: Swimsuits for every size" and "NEW RESEARCH: The science of staying young". Phew!

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