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January 07, 2007 - 6:55 pm

Last week was a busy week, work-wise. There were definitely some frustrating times as I worked on a project that I didn't design and trying to communicate to a print designer why things won't work on the web the way they do in print took way to much energy than I would have liked. Other than that one stinky project, my other projects went pretty swimmingly.

Last week I played poker for the very first time and totally kicked poker ass. Who knew that I had bluffing skillz? I guess all that lying to my parents in high school prepared me for a straight face as an adult. The game lasted until 4:30am and I was up for more. Luckily, Cornelius had the good mind to call us a cab and head home. What can I say, I'm pretty competitive when it comes to game playing. Did I gloat around the Christmas table when I won 8 games of dominoes in a row playing with C's whole family (2 grannies included)? Well, maybe just a little. C and I definitely need some new games in our repertoire. It was C's birthday on January 2nd and he received from some friends the Settlers of Catan card game. Totally un-fun. It's kind of a bummer that we can't return the game in exchange for the board game of the same name. Next game to try? Liar's Dice. At least I can use my poker bluffing skills with this one.

Work should cool down this week (maybe) and I'm hoping that I'll find time to work on my own creative projects. Time to do some designing and drawing just for me!

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