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December 30, 2006 - 9:39 am

last night we returned from our little stay in victoria. believe it, but i'm not a fan of 4 course breakfasts (standard at the b&b we stayed in) but i am super keen on jetted 2-person tubs and fireplaces in every room and feather beds. victoria was nice and quaint and small. i loved that there were so many stores that seemed to defy the march of time. a crazy old hobbies & shave shop that was packed with people browsing over model airplane and car kits. a fantastic old dutch bakery with a cafeteria in the back that sold sandwiches and the best ever almond danish. we ate a lot of mussels at a yummy oyster bar and we played a lot of cards and did many crossword puzzles. all in all, a pretty wonderful holiday.

when i arrived home last night, i finally received 2 items bought on etsy waaaaay before xmas that i planned to give as xmas gifts. oh well, new years gifts they will be! oh new years eve, isn't that tomorrow night? i think a quiet evening with friends will be best. maybe we'll even host a sleepover party. i'm so not ready to be thinking about stuff like that yet. c and i have work to be done for a site that needs to go live today. well, more c than me thankfully since my design end of the work finished up a while ago. phew!

how was christmas? a mixed bag of good, generally. christmas eve was nice and quiet. cornelius and i stayed in and watched all 3 extended versions of lord of the rings and ate like vikings on garlicy prawns and mugs of beer. we opened gifts the next morning where we both got each other lovely things and then we spent 12 (TWELVE) hours with c's parents and grandparents. did i mention that we spent 12 hours at their house? 12 hours? holy. the best thing about that time spent was receiving the amy sedaris book, i like you from c's parents. awesome! boxing day was better since we had friends stay with us and we had a gift exchange and spent time with baby charlie. oooh, i love that baby!! holding that perfect little baby charlie on my lap almost makes me want a baby of my own. lucky that i know that i would become a horrible mother and have never really wanted babies ever, so i let that baby dream go. we played a new game, thurn & taxis, which i found quite fun. as well, the game i got cornelius for xmas, stupidly named (and packaged), hey, that's my fish! was an awesome 2 player game too.

time to eat some breakfast, send out some nye party-shakin' emails and head out and buy booze. hello, new year!

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