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January 09, 2007 - 10:06 am

Lordy, lordy, life is trotting along and I'm happy with the pace and I'm smiling and feeling pretty pleased with things.

Every morning for the past 5 days, Corneilus and I have been doing our morning stretching routine. It was his idea and I was more than happy to join in. It involves 1 minute of stretching, 3 minutes of push-ups and another 1 minute of stretching. On day 1, I was able to churn out 20 push-ups but the following days 7 push-ups was the best I was able to do. This morning, the tide turned and my "wing" muscles (it's what me & c call the muscles that you would use doing the "bird dance") got strong and I was back to doing 20 again. Hooray! A good stretch really does do wonders in the morning.

On Saturday I was pretty fed up with my iPod headphones. They kept slipping out of my ear, so I decided to purchase something new. While I was deciding to buy a $50 pair, the Future Shop salesman (obviously not working on commission) introduced me to some Ear Jams™ (not to be confused with ear jam) which are doodads that snap onto my existing 'buds and keep the music playing! I love them. Music sounds better and my walks have become so much better. You know what also is great for walks? Run DMC's Raising Hell. Tricky, tricky, tricky!

The same day I bought my Ear Jams™, I stopped off for a delicious udon soup lunch. I just read and slurped noodles and loved every bite. On my way home, I stopped off at the local Asian superstore and purchased some udon noodles of my own. Last night, lo and behold, I made udon noodles that rivaled the ones at the Ezogiku Noodle Cafe. A gingery-garlic miso broth, chewy good udon noodles and a healthy broiled hunk of salmon on top. It was a meal to take the chill of the grey January days and helped fuel my bike ride to the lanes.

Oh the lanes! Last night it was back to Monday night bowling and my first 2 games were a total disaster. I couldn't remember how to bowl and I certainly couldn't bring back my top flight skillz from last month. Thankfully, on my third game, it all came back to me. While the rest of my teammates were all hopped up on a delicate blend of Kokanee & Canadian, I eshewed malty beverages and kept my eye on the prize. My efforts paid off in full and I was able to kick bowling ass for good. So my +29 points over average on the last game didn't compensate for the -70 combined points of my first two games, they did end the evening on a positive note and made my chilly bike ride back home a little less cold.

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