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August 18, 2006 - 11:42 am

Last night we had planned to play trivia at a pub in Burnaby but when we got there trivia was out in favour of karaoke. But it was okay because we got to see a tiny Chinese man belt out an amazingly perfect rendition of "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" by The Darkness. Beyond awesome. Plus, I ate potato skins which totally reminded me of my hometown where barfood ruled.

Lunches out are nice. I'm pretty much a skin flint and I don't like to spend money (since I never seem to have very much of it), but since I figure I don't have much time left for leisurely lunches, that's what I've been up to. Two days ago it was a delicious Mexican lunch of pupusas and a quesadilla at El Pelgarcito. Yesterday it was a french extravaganza at Salade de Fruits Bistro. I used to go there quite a bit when I worked at Adflusters (the ol' art dept crew loved long lunch hours), but haven't been there since. The cheap cheap prices are still the same and Cornelius and I both swooned over our amazing lunches. Moules et frites pour $10.99, the most expensive thing on their lunch menu (because they are always part of the daily special). Yum! Next time we go, we'll just split the mussels & fries and maybe a small salad and then choose from their dessert menu.

Yesterday I also received a call from a local college where I emailed off a resume a few weeks ago. Apparently they don't have any openings, but said that my resume stood out "heads & shoulders" from the rest and they'd like me to come in and meet with them, so that I could work for them in an overflow capacity. Meaning basically I'd come in for a few days or a few weeks or a few months with the opportunity of f/t work if it comes up in the future. C thinks this is the job i should take because it would be more flexible, I'd have more time to work on my own projects (and our new business) and it would be a better learning opportunity. I'm going to meet with them next week. Ack! In my head I'm already committed to the full time job that I interviewed 3 times for (even though I still haven't received a job offer). I think I finally want f/t work and it's making me think ahead into the future and about goals and realizing dreams. Plus, I don't like not knowing where my next pay cheque is coming from. Summers are the worst in this kind of work (at least it's been my experience) and things definitely pick up in the fall, but I don't like being depressed or not knowing how to occupy my time. At times I'm very self-motivated, but at other times I'm not. Plus, I think C just wants me to take this job because it won't shuffle up our lives too much. I'd still do most of the cleaning and cooking and he could just continue doing the small chores he likes to do.

The coming of fall brings so many changes.

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