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August 24, 2006 - 8:03 am

I'm definitely getting frustrated about the job (or lack of job) situation. Please humour me as I recount (again) the situation. A company contacted me in July to interview for a postition as their web & graphics designer. Over the course of several weeks, I went on 3 interviews. On my second interview, the Human Resources person told me that I was the only person that they had interviewed. The final third interview was over a week and a half ago and the people I interviewed with spoke like I had the job. The same day, I received a phone call to pass along my references, which I did. I've heard nothing since. I'm starting to freak out ever so slightly about not hearing from this job! Should I contact the company to see what's up? I'm so unsure about the ettiquette about these things. Help!


In other work news, I've gotten myself some lovely short-term, tight-deadline design projects that pay really well. What more is that they are kind of fun and it's nice to keep creatively busy. I love it! Today I will just finish up a few things for this client, head to the gym and eat something dreadfully healthy. It's days like this when I love working from home. I'm busy, our apartment sparkles, it's sunny and beautiful outside (& in) and I feel productive. Plus, I feel like I'm doing good work. It's a good feeling, all 'round. I've also made an appointment next week to meet with the college about any overflow work they might have. I'm definitely on pins & needles about that full time job, but at least I feel that I have options and choices. That, at least, is a wonderful thing.

Last night, I decided to drown my worries with my friend Carley over a pitcher of sangria at Havana. Much fun and laughter was had on the patio. It was funny because a couple came up to me and said, "Are you on Flickr?". It turned out to be one of my flickr-favorites who I had never met in the real world! How funny and awesome is that? I love me that intermanets, sometimes.

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