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August 16, 2006 - 11:14 am

I'm feeling pretty chipper and cheery as of late. I've got PLANS and GOALS for the FUTURE so that helps to plaster that silly ol' grin across my face. Cornelius and I have set up our 3-5 year plan of escape. It involves moving away from Vancouver and setting up shop in the Slocan Valley where we do only fun things to make money. Will it be difficult? Yes. Will it work out? We hope so! It's very exciting to have a goal. I've actually never had one that spanned more than a week or month's time. I guess this slacker is finally growing up.

In other news, yesterday I had my THIRD interview at the place I interviewed before I went on vacay. I got to meet with the Head of Design and the person who currently holds the job I would be replacing. It went well and it seems like there is ample opportunity for creative and exciting work. I thought it could be too corportate, but the Design Head wants to really change focus and rebrand the company into a hip, cool brand. I'm pretty excited. I'm almost in there, I can taste it. All that is left is for my references to talk me up and I've got the job (I think). After all, I'm the only person they interviewed and the person who has the job now will be going back to school in September. Things are going my way. Finally.

To celebrate all early-style, I want to go to out for lunch with C. Mussels and frites, pour moi!

To celebrate my good mood with me, why not crank up this song nice and loud. Nod your head in unison if you like.

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