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August 11, 2006 - 11:55 am

I loved the Kooteneys. Greenwood, BC's smallest city, was amazing. Full of historical buildings, loads of charm and a delicious bakery. There were 2 historical buildings side by side for sale...both for under $150,000. Nelson was beautiful but it had undergone such change since I was last there 8 years ago. Much more like a mini-Kitsilano now. I LOVED the Slocan Valley. We went canoeing in Silverton on the Slocan Lake, we ate amazing sandwiches at the Frog Mountain Cafe in Crescent Valley, and Cornelius and I fell in love with New Denver and dreamt up all kinds of future possibilities. We visited the Valikan Whole, a beautiful community centre on a dirt road in out-of-the-way Valikan, BC. We stopped on top of Anarchist Mountain, by Osoyoos. The views were made even more stunning by the brown forest fire smoke oozing it's way across from the Washington border. We saw a bear, a beaver, a gaggle of wild turkeys, eagles and many deer. We didn't shower for 5 days.

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