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July 28, 2006 - 1:04 pm

My life has turned into a hive of activity as of late. I knew that once I took a proactive stance to my inactive life, the ball would get rolling. This summer has been wonderful so far with Tennis Mondays and loads of bike rides and neighbourhood walks. Late next week, I'll be camping in the Kootneys and visiting Nelson and hopefully thrifting up a storm. As we are going with friends and they have to return earlier to jobs than we do, I pointed out to Cornelius that we can extend our vacay with another bike trip. You think I would have learned with my ambulance trip bike tour a couple of weeks ago. This time, we plan on taking the ferry to Vancouver Island and ride the Galloping Goose trail all the way to charming ol' Victoria. We'll stay in a hostel or a b&b for 2 nights and then head home. I think it will be a lovely plan.

The other news is that this morning, I received a call from the head office of the company I interviewed at yesterday and they want me for a 2nd interview on Monday. Definitely good news. Last night I made up a couple of pro/con lists with Cornelius and tho last night under the haze of sleep it would have seemed that I would pass on the job, this morning, I'm feeling pretty good about it. I will have to give up freedom and time but I will gain experience and security and responsibility. Right now I do love my life. I have freedom and time and those things are definite luxuries. I have incredibly cheap rent and that alone means that I don't have to stress as much about finding work. I live relatively simply. I ride my bike everywhere. I'm happy and in love. But I do have worries about my financial future and that I don't have enough experience in the job market and it would be challenging to face new opportunities head on and right now, I think I need to jump on them before they pass me by.

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