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August 04, 2006 - 5:51 pm

Today I ended my week-long stint working at my old corporate design job. After one week of full-time work, I'm not sure I'm ready for the realities of the daily grind. What can I say, I'm a wuss of the first order. So I did have my second interview on Monday morning and it went really well. I figured there might be a little salary negotiation going on, but there wasn't. Afterwards, I sent out a "thank you" email and shortly thereafter, I received word that they'd like me in to meet with their Head of Design who would be coming in from Calgary later this week. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it due to my other work and I let them know that I couldn't attend. I haven't heard from them since. It's so strange since I never even applied for this job in the first place, and now I'm on pins & needles waiting to hear back from them. Gah! Can't they make up their minds already? Job stress sucks! See, I'm already sounding like a working stiff! I'm so made for this job.

Anyway, on with the fun stuff. Tommorrow, Cornelius, Dan, Pam and I will be leaving this city via rental car enroute to the wonders of NATURE. I can't wait! Not only will we be swimming, hiking, and wishing on falling stars, but we'll be thrifing and drinking in honky-tonk bars. Oh yeah! The only thing that will suck is that I will be riding the RED WAVE. I'm not sure what is up with my bod, but whenever I commune with nature for an extended period of time, my menses wants to share in the experience. It ain't pretty when faced with pit toilets and no running water. And as I discovered on my most recent bike trip, camping is extra messy thanks to my amateur ranking with the Diva Cup (note: I love my Diva Cup). Is this all too much information for you? Move along now...and may your weekend be filled with bloating, cramps and a touch of the menses.

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