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July 18, 2006 - 4:22 pm

it took me ages to leave the house this morning.

fact: i was totally afraid to ride my bike to jettgrrl to get it repaired. i guess i have justification to being a bit scared to ride my bike seeing that i just had an accident and the bike isn't in great shape and the brakes don't work...but still. despite being a wuss, i did ride it up the adanac and dropped it off at tracy's studio. tommorrow i'll be picking up a totally fixed up ride. whooo!

after dropping off my bike, i walked along the drive and picked up so much good food. tons of green beans, cherries, grapes, new potatoes, lemons, tomatoes and basil. we vancouverites have so much to be thankful for in terms of fresh vegetables and fruit. my friend kyla who moved to portland only has a once a week farmer's market and bemoans the state of produce in her local shops. hooray for fruit and vegetable stands on commercial drive! walking home loaded with 4 bags full of groceries, my neighbour stopped to pick me up in his cooperative auto network car. nice.

fact: i bought 14 lemons for $2. homemade lemonade and ice tea for reals.

i think i'm getting boring and lazy and sometimes i hate myself. see, i'm not even using caps anymore for my sentences!

fact: i am in love with 2 types of energy bars. the delicious and wholesome lara bar (it's only got 3 or 4 ingredients). it's the natural way to go. and the sun-rype fruit source citrus bar. it's all fruit (almost) and tastes better than any candy ever. dreaming of a citrus bar makes me happy.

things to do today (still):
- make a doctor's appointment
- call a new printer regarding business cards
- make my garlicy, lemony green beans for snacking.
- go to the gym

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