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July 03, 2006 - 10:12 am

This holiday weekend was pretty awesome. Cornelius and I watched a Whitecaps soccer game at Swanguard stadium on Friday which turned out to be more fun than I expected. The beers and hotdog helped, along with the weather which was sent from heaven*. We missed out on the largest Critical Mass ride, but I'm okay with that.

Saturday was a sleepy slow day where I think Cornelius and I debated about cleaning the house, but lounging and eating waffles won out. Eventually, we got our asses in gear and we headed over to Kristen & Ryan's for Monopoly** and rowdy games of Pit. There was much beer drinking and vegan curry. Oh yeah, Saturday was Canada Day.

Sunday we got up too early to meet Ben, Carley, Dan & Pam at Sophie's Cosmic (gah) Cafe. I had never been there before and it's so overrated as a good breakfast place. It's overpriced and the food isn't that great. Cheaper, greater breakfasts can be had at the Red Tomato. Yum. Cornelius and I split after breakfast and rode around looking for stuff for our upcoming bike camping trip. We bought some teeny-tiny compact camping towels from m.e.c. and some biking gloves so my hands won't get numb. I also bought a pair of cute Keens on sale on Granville which are super comfortable for walking around in. In the evening, we all headed to Spanish Banks for a bbq on the beach and some frisbee. There was lots of margarita and daqueri drinking plus good food eating and good times with friends. Hanging by the beach is one of the reasons I love Vancouver so much! Vancouver really is a beautiful city and sometimes I seem to forget that.

Now that the holiday weekend is over, I've got to tie up some loose ends regarding work and get prepared for our bike trip which starts on Saturday. Cornelius is travelling really light and will only be carrying 2 small panniers on his front wheels and the tent & his thermarest & sleeping bag on his back rack. Me, I'm taking 2 larger panniers on my back wheels plus my big agnes & sleeping bag. Yesterday, we made out a list of what we're bringing for our 8 day bike trip (we'll be camping the whole time):

sleeping bag
big agnes
water bag
bowl, spoon, fork
toilettries: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, mosquito repellant, sun block, deodorant, towel
journal, camera
2 pairs underwear***
2 pairs socks***
2 teeshirts***
bike jacket
bike gloves
sleeping bag
pot & lid
stove & fuel
bowl, spoon, fork
toilettries: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, towel, toilet paper, condoms
first aid kit
tool kit
spare tube & brake cable
bike pump
army knifebr>2 pairs underwear
2 pairs socks
2 teeshirts
1 long sleeve shirt
bike tights
bike jacket

Funny that Cornelius can pack all that crap into the tiniest 2 panniers, but he's actually got them all packed and ready to go! He's super-organized and I'm totally not. Cornelius loves to free camp where ever he can. Me, I like to shower -- especially after riding 100km, so no doubt we'll be arguing on whether we should pay $12 a night to camp. I also think I might get my period on this trip (I'm so bad at keeping track when I'm due), so I'm thinking of buying the Diva Cup. Has anyone tried it? Is it easy to get used to? It seems awesome.

* as an atheist, i don't believe in heaven, but the saying sure is handy.
** i hate monopoly & haven't played it in years. cornelius tried to get me to love it, but it only made me cry.
*** i should point out that we'll be doing "laundry" every night!

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