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July 06, 2006 - 11:00 am

Yesterday I got all my hair chopped off by a new stylist. She put 9 (NINE!!!!!) different kinds of product in my hair plus some 3 step treatment shampoo, giving me the hard sell on each one. I wanted to leap out of my chair and yell that I didn't want to buy any of her stoopid Bumble & Bumble hair products, but since she had the razor to my head I didn't say a word. I am a coward. I also bought the B&B hair powder in red. Coward, that is me.

I'm trying to get all ready for our week long bike trip. I've been to m.e.c. all too often recently and will return there again today to buy a few more odds n' ends for our tour. Yesterday Cornelius went there to pick up something and came back with a "waist pack" for me. What's a waist pack, you ask? It's a fucking fanny pack and my husband, the man I love bought me one! Yikes. I suppose it will be useful, but I am so not a fan of "lifestyle specific items" like fanny packs, tight cycling shorts and slick bike jerseys. I'm so not that girl! And I guess because I'm not that girl, my panniers will be extra heavy because I don't have light-weight, sporty, breathable clothing. This morning I actually filled up my panniers to feel how heavy they would be and carrying an extra 15-20 lbs (plus whatever goes on top of my back rack) isn't going to be a picnic. Damn, maybe I should have at least put a larger granny gear on my bike! Or leave my studded belt at home.

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