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June 30, 2006 - 1:59 pm

i just ended up a whole week of corporate graphic design work. it was nice to get away from the home office and dress up and be social and work on fun projects like making maps. i know i've probably mentioned this before, but i LOVELOVELOVE drawing maps! when i was a kid i used to make maps of our neighbourhood and draw site plans to my dream house, so this job is kind of like a dream come true. i really wish i could make map making my career. i want to be a chief map maker! plus, it's nice that i always get the best compliments on my maps...today 2 clients called down to find out who had done the maps cuz they were extra beautiful. it's nice to hear some nice words about my work. the only unfortunate thing about today was that the big boss realized i was filling in for the marketing head who didn't ask for permission to have me sub all this week. oops! i hope my boss won't get in trouble for it when she returns from holiday and i hope this won't put a damper on my future chances to come in for a whole week to make maps!

earlier this week, c and i went to abbotsford to take c's grandma out for dinner. we were late due to traffic and bad directions, but we managed to take her to the senior-friendly "swiss chalet". does the fact that i secretly love swiss chalet make me old before my time? we also hit up the value village where we found some great scores. in fact, the whole vv was pretty awesome (tho very over-priced). i bought a very cute plaid skirt, a cute vintage teal alarm clock, a sea world beverage holder, a crazy photo picture book, and a good housekeeping cookbook.

(the tin picnic basket is from the st. vincent de paul thrift shoppe on main street which i visited last friday. i found it for $1! kyla scored big time there and found a huge roll of flocked wallpaper...also $1.)

tonight i will be skipping the big critical mass ride because we have free tickets to see whitecaps soccer at swanguard stadium in burnaby. it will be a nice bike ride and i've never watched soccer before. i hope there are beer and hotdogs!

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