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May 04, 2006 - 11:53 am

I am terrible about planning ahead and I tend to forget that other people have lives that don't revolve around me. I just realized that Monday is my birthday and because Cornelius will be busy launching a huge website that day and I have a bowling tournament in the evening, I won't actually be able to have a party or do anything fun that day. Yesterday I mentioned to Cornelius that it would be fun to gather a bunch of friends for some hiking, beer drinking and fish n' chip eating on Bowen Island on Saturday. Cornelius had to gently remind me that Saturday was just 2 days away and other people probably have other plans. Ooops. This month is kind of skimpy on the friends side....2 friends have a new born baby and are probably not up to gallavanting and drunken debauchery and another 2 friends have taken the month off to retrace our honeymoon footsteps with a roadtrip to the Southwest. I have planned ahead to have a split birthday celebration with my friend Dan in June for a bike n' bar tour....but I figure something celebratory should actually take place during the month of my birth! What can I say? I'm selfish and I like to party like it's my birthday!

In other non-birthday news, I can't stop listening to Gnarls Barkley's "I Try". I am using the "repeat" function on iTunes and it's driving Cornelius crazy. The drums! The drums!! Awesomeness. I have recently fallen under the spell of a video game which is horrible since I've always hated video games. Board games are more my speed....but, there is just something about Farm Hustle that I can't deny. Farm Hustle!! It's a pink and pretty form of highly addictive crack. Don't do it! Do it!

Last month was a pretty slow month in terms of work for me. Added to the fact that I went on vacation, bought a new bike and paid a $3,000 tax bill has left me financially drained. Lucky for me, I've got 1 new freelance project to begin shortly and an older client wants more work shortly too. I also have some potential well paying work from my recruiting agent. Just in the nick of time! Finances aside, I have been thinking about getting a part-time job. The small amount of regular income would be a plus, but I think my monk-like existance could benefit from some social conditioning. So I'm perusing job boards and revamping my resume just in case something sweet comes my way.

I've had 2 cups of coffee and a large smoothie this morning. I'm awake and eager and I have work on my plate. It's a good feeling.

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