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April 26, 2006 - 11:06 am

So apparently being married counts for shit when tax time comes around. Sure, the government and moral leaders want you to tie the knot but it only bites you in the ass come tax time. No longer do either of us get the lovely GST credit or any of the tax breaks the government doles out. Keep in mind, that neither me or the mister are the slightest bit wealthy. In fact, we probably qualify as low income and still the government chooses to crap on our marriage bed. This year, we will owe almost $3,000 in taxes.

Last year when we were putting together our wedding cd, we could only find great break-up songs so we figured that we'd put out a one year anniversary "divorce" cd as a laugh. Right now, it would probably benefit us to divorce so we'd pay much less tax. Actually, we are planning on having a one year anniversary party with a Mississippi Luau theme (because we just love the Charlie McAlister album of the same name). And yes, we'll be handing out our divorce cd as favours.

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