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April 23, 2006 - 7:46 pm

My bike and I are entering a new phase in our relationship and it starting to feel right. Sure, a few days ago I was cursing at no one on an empty street because my chain had dropped for the 2nd time in just a few minutes and I was taken aback at the amount of adjustment time was required to get used to this new bike. But now all that has changed. Today, I was in the park taking on and off the front wheel, just to prove I could. A few bike rides under my belt and I feel like there is a solid base for a good relationship here!

Today was the best. Yesterday was beautiful too. No jackets required. Sunshine and warm breezes. I'm easily pleased. I had plans to see a the Rolling Stone Goddard film and a Jamaican ska documentary at the big smash film fest this weekend, but the sunshine changed all that. How could I justify spending all day in the dark while I could be outside riding my bike and dreaming about summer trips? So Cornelius and I rode around and poked in stores and drank ice cold limonatas on cafe patios. I rode around today as well, but also picked up vegetables for dinner and in the morning totally cleaned up the apartment so that it almost sparkles. Almost.

I should be spending the evening working on taxes, but I'm baking up a cookie storm (mexican chocolate cookies & a batch of lime cookies) for a sweet gift. I can't seem to get in the mood to figure out taxes. May 2nd is the deadline and it seems like forever.

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