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March 31, 2006 - 10:11 am

It's raining and tho it's wetter and darker than it's been in days, yet I feel a sense of possibility and an openess to new opportunities. Spring must be in the air.

Yesterday I got my hair all chopped off. Not that my hair was long to begin with, but it certainly seemed to get rid of some dead weight, real or imagined. I rode my bike around running errands with my jeans all rolled up over my ankles and I just felt good about the world and my place in it. A change of seasons can do a world of good. And the promise of a short vacation in 2 weeks to Portland is something else sweet to dream about.

My good friends are about to have their baby any day now and tho I'm certainly not feeling any tugs to have kids of my own, I am excited to see the first baby in my social circle. How can it be that I'm 35 and not know any babies? Funny that.

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