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March 28, 2006 - 3:04 pm

Yay! Yesterday I got my computer back. The repair guys couldn't find anything wrong with my sleek dolphin of a machine, except some dust, which they removed. So really, my machine is better than ever (or at least cleaner on the inside) and I didn't have to pay extra for the scam they call queue jump or the cleaning & diagnostic tests. Phew!

As soon as I got my computer plugged in, I received a small job to do from one of my clients. Not bad. I'm so glad I didn't miss out on any work because yesterday we replaced our worn-out and broken Epson Photo Stylus 1280 printer with a brand-spanking new Canon i9900! That's $600 that we spent!! Yikes. We also bought the stupid Big Box Electronic Store protection plan -- and I never ever buy those cuz I feel they're just scams.....but if something will go wrong with our printer in the next 3 years, they'll replace it outright with the same printer or better or give us our money back. We've had such bad printer luck lately, that we decided to take the bait. If our printer doesn't break in 3 years, then we'll just break it ourselves and get a new printer for free! Well, that's our plan anyway!

(I just did my first printing with the new printer and I'm sooooo happy with it! It kicks the ol' Epson's butt. Speedy fast and the graphics are amazing. Totally worth the price spent!)


This morning, I made the best smoothies ever. Strange because I used the same ingredients as per usual...but they just tasted way better. For Cornelius, I small banana, frozen strawberries, vanilla yoghurt and orange juice blended together. For me, the same minus the disgusting banana. Yum!!

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