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March 26, 2006 - 1:34 pm

On Thursday, I noticed a distinct burning smell coming from my 20" iMacG5. After a quick online web chat with Roola on the Apple website, it was immediately decided that I had to get my computer to a shop pronto. After quickly burning all my important things (but forgetting to burn things like firefox bookmarks and email), I taxied it over to the nearest Apple store. I was told they'd have the diagostic tests run the next morning and would call me immediately with the results. Friday morning came and went and I heard nothing. At 3pm I decided to call the repair department and get an update. Nada. They hadn't even looked at my machine yet and the repair dept. would be closed all weekend.

The most unfortunate thing about computer shops now a-days (well, Apple computer shops) is they have this crappy elitist thing called "Cue Jump", which means that one can shell out $60 just to jump the cue. I did not pay this fee and so my computer still sits away in the darkest, deepest depths waiting to be looked at. Lucky for me that I don't have any clients jumping on my back for urgent work right now, but it's more than a little inconvenient.

The plus side to being computer-less (or better, computer-free) is that I'm reading a hell of a lot more. On Friday, I picked up a book at the library (Julie & Julia) when it opened at 9am and then returned it by 5pm! There is something to be said about not jumping on the computer to browse through flickr, dland or various other online time-wasters. Copious amounts of reading does a mind good!

Yesterday I went to Strathcona park and watched some bike pie jousting and bike/"carcass" polo with Kristen and Ryan. I have lots of photos, but I can't load them onto a computer. It was fun times even though Kristen and I didn't participate in the messy and sometimes painful activities.

Today, I'm heading off to the gym and making a lot of phone calls. I hate talking on the phone, but it's time to reach out and touch someone.

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