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March 20, 2006 - 1:38 pm

My bank account is feeling flush and I'm feeling weak and last week succumbed to 2 or 3 online purchases. I even subscribed to Martha's new magazine, Blueprint, which isn't even out yet. I think I was suffering from a decided lack of shopping. It feels like ages since I've poked about in shops or even bought something small and treaty like an americano. I've been living a monk-like and miserly existance for no reason at all. Even when I was working downtown at my client's offices for the past 2 weeks, I didn't purchase a thing. I rode my bike there and then when I was finished my work, I'd hop back on my bike and head back home. No pitstops for treats or window shopping breaks. But now that spring is here, I feel like it's time to shed the old heavy woolens and look for something new and flighty. I really want this dutch skirt, but it doesn't seem very practical for riding around on bikes (too narrow, not a-line enough), so I'm debating on the apple picking skirt, which i really thought about buying last year and chickened out of. Hmmm, so many choices for the splurging!

This weekend was a mix of productivity (making definitive 3 year plans!) and laziness (read: hungover). On Friday night, we went to see Oneida and met up with all the usual suspects and Vancouver hipsters. It was a great time and I felt social and friendly and I chatted with everyone. The night was warm enough for bare legs (with rolled up jeans, mind you) and a red spring coat...I've definitely caught a wiff of that ol' spring fever. Saturday was the day we planned to do much work, but C magically transferred his hangover to me through some strange kind of humping maneouver. I felt fine in the morning and Cornelius was in pain, but humpity-hump later, I felt worse and he felt better! Stupid! Sunday night we met up with Dan & Pam for cheap pizzas & beer at the Yaletown. A perfect topper to a nice weekend.

Today I'm writing lists of things that I need to accomplish. One of them is to find a good accountant. Anyone got one? My taxes will need to get finished and though I can probably do them myself, I'm sure I'll miss all those working-from-home deductions that I'm clueless about.

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