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March 08, 2006 - 10:14 am

this totally sickens me. the lack of affordable housing in vancouver is a huge issue with lots of social ramifications. the widening gap between the rich and poor only means trouble. fuck the new city council! ah, i remember those idealistic days when COPE's plan for the flats was hailed as the community development to watch. i even read a huge spread about it in the harvard design journal last year. damn.


in other news, the office where i should be working this morning has no power due to some crazy shit involving a robbery at the jewellery business in the office across the hall and wet snow (!?) downtown. whatever. it just means i can sit here and drink my coffee for a while longer. i don't feel like hopping on my bike to get soaking wet (why haven't i bought rain pants yet?), so it means i'll walk to work with my umbrella and i'll still get soaking wet when i get there. hopefully, i can convince them that i can do just as much work from home today and won't have to go in at all.

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