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March 02, 2006 - 2:00 pm

my current obsessions:
flossing. i can't stop!
bikes. i'm now thinking about this bike which is now in a lovely shade of poo brown for 2006. it's cheaper than the surley and they have it at the super new & super nice bike shop on the drive.
the super new & super nice bike shop on the drive. i went there yesterday and talked with them for an hour. went back today cuz c needed a new wheel. super friendly. will have to bring baked goods next time i go.
wrinkles. i'm getting them around my eyes!
nerdy boy by candypants (mp3)

This morning Cornelius and I woke up at 7:30am (we had planned to get up at 7am) and made smoothies and ate bagels & peanut butter and went on a long bike ride...(get this) for fun! We realized that we pretty much only use our bikes for getting from point A to point B. Getting grocieries? Ride our bikes. Going to work? Ride our bikes. Run an errand? Ride our bikes. So we decided to ride for fun on a daily basis and we figured riding in the morning would give us a very needed energy jolt. It worked...I had only 1 coffee after the ride and I feel so alive and great. This morning we rode out to Central Park in Burnaby, but we didn't go in & ride around the old growth forest cuz it was so windy and cold and I basically chickened out. But it was still a fun ride and we plan on going somewhere new tommorrow morning. I have also decided to go on Ryan's monthly EMB rides that take place around the closest Saturday to the full moon. It's basically a ride where a bunch of cyclists ride around drinking beer at night. Ryan usually carries a keg on his bike trailer. Funny that I've never gone on it. I'm usually a chicken when it comes to long rides, but I think I should be okay. I just need to remember its all fun times.

(Sorry, I'm getting all bike obsessed lately. My diary used to be so much more exciting when I was single, dating young boys, and going out drinking every night. Yup, that's what archives are for! Now, I'm just worried about getting eye wrinkles and how to keep them at bay and how to be a better person. Boring.)

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