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February 14, 2006 - 11:03 am

This was the card I made for Cornelius this year. Our profiles in cameos. Cornelius is a bit shy about it tho...he doesn't want anyone looking at his adam's apple - plus when I took his picture, he made a funny pursed face cuz he doesn't like his picture taken (heehee). The card he made me is equally beautiful.

For our wedding last June, we gave out 2 kinds of favours. One was a chinese take out container tied with a pretty ribbon and filled with chocolate hand-dipped chinese fortune cookies. The other favour was a cd of "romantic" (read: meaningful to us) songs. I wish I could post all the songs somewhere online so I could share the love, but I figure most of you already have the cd anyway! If you don't, here's the track listing (plus notes!) so you can try to find them on your own.

1. Beginnings - Astrud Gilberto (C really wanted to use the original Chicago version, but I fought him hard as there was already enough '70's am radio songs on this mix).
2. The way I feel inside - The zombies
3. Since I met you baby - Ivory Joe Hunter (In the past, C had used another Ivory Joe Hunter song to woo me. It obviously worked).
4. You're all I need to get by - Marvin Gaye (We walked down the aisle to this song!)
5. I second that emotion - Smokey Robinson (A classic, 'nuff said)
6. Love - Cinerama (C thought this song might be too "dirty" for his Mennonite relatives)
7. Magic - Pilot (C's favorite romantic song ever!)
8. Love Grows - Edison Lighthouse (more '70's am classics)
9. The Whole of the Law - The Only Ones (C loved the Yo La Tengo version, I loved the original. I won)
10. Close to me - The Cure (this was a last minute addition. I wanted a Mirah song but this song worked better)
11. Such Great Heights - The Postal Service (we needed a bit of modern music!)
12. By Your Side - Sid Selvidge
13. Little Things - Bobby Goldsboro (this was on the Drugstore Cowboy soundtrack & we searched long and hard for this version since all we had was a tape cassette version).
14. Game of Love - Wayne Fontana
15. I need you - The Kinks
16. Love Wheel - Daniel Johnston
17. That's a Pretty Good Love - Big Maybelle ('sho 'nuff!)
18. Patio Song - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
19. You're so good to me - The Beach Boys (best B.B. song ever)
20. Josie - Donovan (there was much debate as to which Donovan song would show up on this mix. Josie made the final cut)
21. I'll be your mirror - Velvet Underground
22. You You You You You You - The 6ths (This was the song I wanted to walk down the aisle to, since this was another song that C wooed me with)
23. I'll be true to you - Faye Adams
24. Skokiaan - Perez Prado (we needed something for the older folks and this is a goodie)
25. Funky Future Train - King Kong (I used to be a huge king kong fan - strange but true. This song never fails and its the most perfect ending, i think)

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