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February 12, 2006 - 11:56 pm

The past week has been stressful. Showing up at 8am and working a full day to go home to do even more work has left me wiped out and uninspired. I'm seriously not looking forward to March when I've agreed to work 2 weeks in another client's office. Yeesh, why did I agree to that? Every bone in my body wants to back out of that agreement and I keep rationalizing that backing out would be okay. I don't respect the company & the people & I've been thinking of cutting them out of my client list anyway. But I don't like burning bridges and I don't like going back on my word, so it looks like I'm just stuck with 2 weeks in March that will definitely feel like hell.

Other than being tired from working, this past week has been beautiful, weather-wise. I've been biking back and forth to work and loving every minute of it. My 10 minute bike commute is so short and I feel a bit guilty because of it. Some mornings I'd love to just keep biking and biking and not stop. I like wearing my patterned tights and tweed skirts and leather mary-janes and that invincible feeling I get whipping through bloated rush-hour traffic. So free!

This coming summer, Cornelius and I are planning a 2 week bike trip. He has taken many long bike trips...the longest was biking from Vancouver to Montreal. Me, I've only biked around a couple of Gulf Islands for a weekend. I'm definitely up for a challenge and I get excited just thinking about it. A new light-weight touring bike is in order and a bit of training will be necessary as wherever we go in B.C., it will be hilly if not mother-fucking mountainous. I can always count on Cornelius for giving me an extra push when I need it, but for once, I feel like I can do this too. Kind of a nice feeling to wrap myself up in.

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