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February 03, 2006 - 12:13 pm

It's busy where work is concerned and it's good because I'm not feeling overwhelmed because of it. Last night, C and I set up a cyclorama and orchestrated some photographs for our new business website. The photos turned out very good and it was pretty fun working with lights, a tripod and styling all the shots. Fun! Next week, I'm heading back into the corportate world but it's only for 5 days so I think I can handle it. My old boss is going away on vacation and she wants me to fill in and I'm totally happy to do it. I like the people I work with there and I hope there are some map-making projects for me to work on (strange, i know, but I LOVE making maps!). I'm going to go to MEC sometime this weekend and purchase some rain pants for biking. It's my first real bike clothing purchase (I snagged my current MEC bike jacket from the lost & found of an old theater) and I'm sure it says something about my "lifestyle". Whatever. I just hate being caught biking in the rain and getting soaked to the bone.

As a diversion, I'm often on MLS peeking for homes. There is no way we could afford a house in Vancouver, but we could afford an ugly, small, old condo. I'm not too keen on that kind of living. For the same price as an old, ugly, cramped 1-bedroom condo, we could buy this dream home (on nearly 5 acres of land) for the same price. It's just not fair. Nelson is only 6 hours away from Vancouver and it is kind of tempting since I'm able to do most of my work from home and Cornelius is working up to that as well. My friends Kristen & Ryan are planning to move to Nelson in the next year or so as well, so we would actually know people. How bad could Nelson be? Hmmmmm, something to think about for sure.

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