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December 27, 2005 - 9:25 pm

Well, Christmas is over and I tried really hard to get back to real life and work but it hasn't worked out quite like I had hoped. I think the fact that I haven't had coffee yet may be the real blame, but I feel sluggish and I think the over indulgence of everything has left me feeling a bit weak.

Christmas eve was wonderful. I made a meal that totally made me feel like home...Boeuf Bourguignon. So tasty! C made me a caesar and I made him a fruity blender drink and we settled into playing board games and watching Christmas movies, like my favorite "The Shop Around the Corner" and "It's a Wonderful Life". We fell into bed at 12:30am and I was up and wide awake by 4:00am. I read for a bit, but then decided to make use of the early hour and I whipped up a batch of cranberry-walnut scones, freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee. When Cornelius woke up at 7:30, our apartment was so ready for Christmas!

After breakfast, we opened our gifts. C was WAY too generous. He bought me a digital camera - a Canon PowerShot SD300! It's so small and wonderful and now I don't have to borrow his camera any longer. I love it!!! He also got me a lovely salad spinner, in-ear headphones for my ipod, chocolates and bubble bath. He is so sweet. Christmas day continued at C's parents house where we opened more gifts and ate turkey (and did 4 loads of laundry!) My lack of sleep was really starting to affect me and I managed to get a headache somewhere between lunch and dinner and half way through a jigsaw puzzle started by C's grandma. We made it home all in one piece and ended up playing more board games in the quiet of our little apartment.

Boxing day we had friends over for food, booze and boardgames. Hmmm, sense a theme here? We handed out our presents to our friends which included homemade ginger syrup to make gingerale, homemade chocolates (gingerbread-dark chocolate truffles, white chocolate & candy cane bark, dark chocolate nut bark, chocolate fudge, and a vegan version of Nigella Lawson's chocolate-peanut butter squares), silkscreen tea towels, and 1 inch buttons. Ooooh, it was all good.

Today, I tried to do some catalogue work but I'm not holding my breath. I've got some turkey stock simmering on the stove and there's just something about that smell that makes me feel drowsy and hungry all at once. Am I the only person who gets excited when given a turkey carcass? Maybe so!

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