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November 06, 2005 - 2:07 pm

I love Sunday mornings.

After a groggy morning wake up, Cornelius and I will make some coffee, drink one cup each and then put on some clothes (I'll have to whip my hair into pigtails because I've got nasty bedhead) and head outside with a couple of dollars and our compost pail. As we have a tiny 400 square foot apartment with only a small fire escape, we can't get rid of our compost in our non-existant garden, so we head out three blocks away to the community gardens and get rid of our weekly household compost (eggshells/coffee grounds/vegetable and fruit matter) at their giant composting centre.

It's a nice walk on a Sunday morning and I love the community gardens! So beautiful, even when everything is in decay as it is during the fall and winter. After we get rid of our compost and rinse out our bucket with the garden hose, we head back a few blocks to the Union Market where we pick up some freshly baked croissants and cinnamon buns with raisins (we like the un-iced kind). If we are feeling adventurous, we'll pick up the newspaper and start getting to work on the New York Times Sunday crossword while drinking up the rest of our coffee and feasting on our warm baked goods. Ahhh, I love Sundays!!

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