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October 23, 2005 - 12:00 pm

After what seemed like one endless dark period, I'm coming through and seeing the light. Returning from our glorious one-month honeymoon and finding out that I had no new work and no money was a harsh slap in the face. Welcome back to real life, sucker. I took it hard and felt that maybe I just wasn't very talented at the design end of things and even worse off at the dealing with people end of things. I felt like shit about everything and I was trapped in a funk that I couldn't swim out of. I took on a project that I didn't handle very well (ie. I needed the cash bad, so I took on a project for less than my usual amount figuring it would be easy money, but it dragged on and became a small nightmare), but I came out of it stronger. I learned from my mistakes and realized that I needed to work from a tighter contract (done!) and not undervalue my own work (done!). Sometimes you need a bit of a mess to discover how to get back on track, get organized and clean it up better than it was before. On top of this one mess, I've had a few successes too which have definitely put a shine to my step. Lots of excellent feedback on my work, a few new projects to keep me more than occupied, and a complete restructuring of our (me & c's) business. All of this coupled with a nice healthy dose of outside-of-work pleasures, like going on dates with Cornelius and warm weather fall afternoons, make my life seem so valuable and extra-special. Right now, I wouldn't trade a thing. Thank goodness.

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