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October 25, 2005 - 6:10 pm

Yesterday was my "last" day working at my old job. It was a nice change working for the man: I got to work at a specified time and I left work at a specified time. I also got to do a lot of office chatter. Normally, I'm not a fan of small talk, but I actually like my co-workers, so it wasn't really small talk, but real talk that would eat up the first hour or so of every day and the after-lunch gabfest that would take place in the late afternoon. Yesterday, we had server issues, so we decided to head to the next door brew pub and enjoy some pumpkin beers in the autumn sunshine. It was time well wasted, but a pain in the ass getting back to work. I can't complain. My boss gave me a hug and told me just how much fun it was having me work here and she told everyone in the art department to take a vacation soon just so I could fill their spot for a couple of weeks. It's a place where I definitely wouldn't want a full time job, but I like filling in on occassion.

Today I was back to my old life. This time my old life means busy, which is a nice change of pace. I did a bunch of client work in the morning and then in the afternoon, C and I walked downtown to the law library, the post office and ate Mexican food at the Mouse & Bean. I love this autumn weather! Tonight, we're meeting friends for more pumpkin beers! Yum.

I'm actually quite touched that arajane mentioned our wedding cd. It's nice to know that it's being listened to and enjoyed. I still have a box load of cds left, so I'm offering a cd to anyone who wants one. Didn't get one earlier? Now is your chance! Help me rid our 400 sq. ft. apartment of clutter! Email me your address and I'll send one your way. Really.

6 drunken hours later...
just returned from steamworks where i drank a pumpkin beer and too many ipa's. i feel so happy and silly. c and i just danced around to the kinks song off our wedding cd and had horribly good sloppy kisses. he's so quaffable. actually, i hate it when beers are described as "quaffable" (like at steamworks), but slooopy drunken kisses can definitely be described as such as long as it's forgotten about in the morning.

cornelius just popped in the livingroom to tell me the appeal of our wedding cd. he said that our cd is not filled with mushy love songs that would alienate those not in love. it's not a cd that tells people to go light a candle and take a bath with your loved one. it's a cd that you can do your homework to.

can you see why he's so quaffable to me?

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