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October 11, 2005 - 3:43 pm

I'm busy trying to get a website done for a client, but I just had to get outside into the sun. Why does it feel like summer in October? I LOVE it!! I decided to go for a quick bike ride but I ended up downtown and in time to see a documentary playing at the film fest. This Divided State was a pretty disappointing documentary about the protests surrounding Michael Moore speaking at a Utah college. I wanted to like this film cuz god knows I hate Bush and his ilk, but this film made the Mormon Utah!-ians out to be brainwashed nutjobs and liberals to be namby-pamby intellectuals. That isn't necessarily the bad part. Needless to say, one of the reasons why the Democrats lost the election was due in part to their namby-pambyness. But it was the editing that was the worse. The editing looked like it was done by earnest, idealist highschoolers. Meh, childs play! I wanted a better film.

At least it was sunny and warm outside. Did I mention that it feels like summer and we just had Thanksgiving? Oh my god. I love it. LOVE it! I think today calls for an ice cream cone. Or if I was in Wisconson, I'd have a frozen custard, cuz, man, that stuff is the shit. Oops, that Wisconson* reference has me daydreaming for another road trip or at least an icy treat.

* Funny, when I volunteered at the film fest, I got paired with Americans who were also volunteering. One of them happened to be from Madison and so I talked his ear off about frozen custard and how goddammed fine it was. He, in turn, talked my ear off about how great the local music scene in Vancouver is. He was excited about the music, I was excited about the dairy. Yup, I ain't getting any younger.

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