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October 10, 2005 - 9:45 am

It's a great long weekend. You'll find no complaints here.

On Saturday, Cornelius and I went to the drive to get groceries and wine and beer and start our preparations for the night. Dan, Pam, Ryan and Kristen came over and we ate a feast and played "Pit" until 3am. I'm sure our downstairs neighbours never want to hear "Corner on flax!!!!" again.

The next day, Dan picked us up, puked in the bushes behind Pam's house and then drove us off to the best breakfast in the world. I've always been a bit prejudiced against the Tomato Cafe since it seemed kind of snobby, but then Cornelius and I saw "Saving Silverman" on tv and noticed that the Tomato was one of the bar settings. How snotty could the Tomato really be if it was featured in a teen comedy? Well, the breakfast was reasonably priced and fantastic. Everyone ordered the Eggs Bennedict (except for Dan who ordered unbuttered wheat toast), but I ordered the Green Eggs and Ham, which was a tasty blend of scrambled eggs with pesto. Yum. After breakfast we headed to a Richmond farm where we picked pumpkins in a genuine pumpkin patch. There was a grandma there who would just eyeball the pumpkin to price it ("two dollars") and send us on our way. She wore pumpkin earrings as to enhance the overall experience. We then headed to Steveston and walked around the boardwalk, bought some fresh prawns off a boat for a later meal, and Dan finally felt good enough to order some fish and chips. It was a great day.

When we got home, Cornelius and I didn't have much time to relax before hopping on our bikes and heading to the Vogue to see the latest Michael Haneke offering, "Cache". His movies are always so disturbing and filled with uneasy tension. This one was no different. We loved it and when we got home, we talked about what the ending meant and dissected the movie with our own theories. I love when that happens and I love debating movies with Cornelius because we each gain a bit more from the experience. I haven't seen that many Haneke films, but I really want to see Funny Games and Benny's Video next.

Today, we're heading to Cornelius' parents for a more traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I just don't think I'm up for extended family participation. Yikes.

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