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September 06, 2005 - 3:23 pm

I was planning on telling you just how alcohol-fueled, interesting, and introspective my long weekend was, but then this meme from twttrmchn came along and distracted me.

(1) Seven things I plan to do before I die:
→ Learn to knit something more difficult than a scarf.
→ Ride my bike across (at least) one province and/or state.
→ Sell something I make to a stranger.
→ Have my own studio space.
→ Visit Europe.
→ Make a delicious pie crust.
→ Keep track of every penny I spend.

(2) Seven things I can do:
→ I can make a to-die-for curry.
→ I can put my legs behind my head.
→ I can make all my own greeting cards.
→ I can design and code webpages.
→ I can answer the phone in a very professional manner, if necessary.
→ I can doodle over most things.
→ I can cook most anything pefectly.

(3) Seven things I can't do:
→ I can't do a popawheelie or ride my bike with no hands.
→ I can't add without using my fingers.
→ I can't watch Monty Python without feeling sick to my stomach.
→ I can't style/braid my hair.
→ I can't sit in the back of a car without getting sick.
→ I can't drink my coffee black.
→ I can't eat bananas.

(4) Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex (or same sex, if the case may be):
→ Good shoes.
→ Good sense of humour.
→ Veiny arms.
→ Skinny bod.
→ Accomplishing their goals.
→ Nice bum.
→ Nicely fitted (on the tight side) plaid shirts.

(5) Seven things I say most
→ "It's true!"
→ "hee hee"
→ "Fuck off"
→ "What a slo-mo!"
→ "I know!"
→ "I love you"
→ "Totally"

(6) Seven celebrity crushes
→ Mark Ruffalo
→ Missy Elliott
→ Rob Corddry (from the Daily Show)
→ Steve McQueen
→ the entire teenage crew of "Dogtown & Z-Boys"
→ the young Elliott Gould
→ Owen Wilson

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