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September 03, 2005 - 1:55 pm

i feel glued to news outlets and websites talking about the hurricane. it's so hard to comprehend it all. it's ineptitude on the part of the government for gambling with funds that should have gone to the leveys. i know it may be too simplistic to compare all the ralleying and immediate help from the bombing of the world trade centre (a total icon of what america stands for = wealth + power) to the hurricane that hit louisianna & mississipi (poor and black, race/class). but it certainly does suggest where the us administration's concerns lie. sure with 9/11 there was a clear enemy (osama bin laden...oops, i mean iraq) and with hurricane katrina it's the force of nature and it's difficult to find a real enemy there. it makes me sick that the richest and most powerful country in the world cannot help it's own people. i totally feel the frustration of new orleans' mayor. he's right. no one is talking about the drug issue and the reason so many people are doing crazy things like shooting at relief helicopters is that they are jonesing and fucked up. go kanye west for saying what needed to be said and blasting bush. i hope this will get people talking about issues like race and class and maybe something good can happen out of all this.

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