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September 07, 2005 - 4:56 pm

cornelius and i have become "thrifty" in our activities and meals due (mostly) in part to my lack of income. but don't fret, we aren't wasting away over here -- tho cornelius was concerned that i was feeding him too little because his wedding ring was starting to slide off his finger. i certainly have no intention of starving my new husband and it is true that he doesn't have a pound to lose and could most certainly waste away in a tall pile of cotton shirts and pants.

our (extra)economical standard of living has meant long walks and bike rides and staying in to watch dvds from the library. but all of this economizing has left us lacking in the social department. this weekend wiped away all of that and tho i felt i was a bit rusty with my people skills, it was a welcome break from our inforced solitude. on friday, we went to kristen's and she fed us vegan burritos and we met francois (who i helped house there on the first night of his north american tour). it was nice and we drank wine (left over from our wedding) and played cards and talked alot. the next day, c and i decided that we should venture out more and so we hit up commercial drive and sat in a coffee shop and played cards and then picked up groceries for dinner. while we were making some sandwiches (they were delicious!), i received a call from mrs. roboto who was in town with her man and reddirtgirl and her mister. oh dear, let the social whirlwind begin! we met them at rhime on commercial and somehow through the course of the evening, we drank beer in several establishments. i'm sure c and i were poor hosts (being socially retarded and all) but it was nice to meet amy et al in the flesh at long last and they were super nice and as wonderful as you'd expect in real life too.

on sunday, kristen, c and i rode our bikes to victory square for the terminal city block party and it was good times all around. by the third day of socializing, i was fully acclimatized to being around people that i finally felt like my old self again. lots of beer was had and it was perfect sitting outside on the grass listening to some great music. the standouts had to be the christa min, piano and the pink mntops. we rode back home a little worse for wear but feeling fine.

it wasn't until we got to bed that i started wondering out loud what my future holds job-wise/career-wise/money-wise. clearly, i am not wise in regards to those things. i still don't know what i want to be when i grow up. some options:

* play golf for money
* ????

c said i should get a part-time job that pays well but will most likely be soul-sucking. then, in my spare time, i could just focus on my own little crafty/arty projects as well as tackling freelance work. i guess that is the most immediate option. if i had the forsight to think ahead, school might be an option. or the playing golf for money thing.


oh, and if you want to listen to some lovely music (who doesn't want that?), then you should listen to the 2 mp3s that are on this site. i love it!

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