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August 03, 2005 - 1:32 pm

to continue my thoughts on wedding presents, i have to mention two things i received that were quite touching. the first, was a quilt handmade by c's 94 year old grandmother. it's stunningly beautiful and when i opened the package, i immediately teared up and started crying. it's amazing to receive something so personal and sentimental and something made by hand. her craftsmanship is amazing and she still enters her quilts in mennonite craft fairs. this is one blue-ribbon entry that i'm proud to call mine. the second present that made me bawl was an afgan made by c's mom and the note that came with it. she had made the afgan when she was really depressed, shortly after c was born. the note described in detail how making the afgan was a therapuetic endeavour for her. although i'm not a fan of afgans generally, it's a very intricate design and just the story woven into each thread is beautiful.


on another completely different note, this morning c and i contacted a mortgage broker just to see how possible it would be to purchase a home. our answer? well, let's just say i'm amazed the broker didn't start laughing when he received our application. i guess having a substantial (in our minds) savings and decent income doesn't matter when you both work flakey part-time jobs and one of them has the gall to work "freelance". oh well. i guess we will be renting for life or we will have to get full-time jobs before we can even enter into the dream of home ownership.

and because my mind is working on tangents lately, here is something that made me laugh. it's from the vancouver sun and the last point is the funniest. oh boy. and if i can add another point on the americans vs canadians point of view (as witnessed on our honeymoon), americans sure love to hygenically cover their drinking straws! so many times i received a little paper condom over my straw when i ordered a drink at a restaurant. i guess cooties are a big concern in the U.S. of A.

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