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August 02, 2005 - 4:48 pm

i didn't realize that having a wedding would result in gifts. i must be from some other planet, i guess. the day after the wedding, c and i, along with my mom, my brother and his girlfriend, drove to c's parent's house to eat lunch, play croquet and open presents. it was overwhelming to say the least. uh, but dammed exciting too. if i would have known that weddings were such gift-magnets, we would have gotten married ages ago!

yesterday c and i put 3 of our gifts to good use...all before 12 noon. we mixed up a batch of waffles in our pistachio coloured kitchen-aid mixer, cooked 'em up in our brand-spankin' new waffle iron and then when breakfast was over, we made strawberry ice cream from scratch in our lovely and ancient sears "maid of honour" hand-cranked ice cream maker. i love presents!!

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