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August 04, 2005 - 2:56 pm

i'm feeling a bit panicked and i can't seem to get motivated to do anything about it. i've had no contact for 2 days with my clients which is strange. this client normally has been great in keeping in contact and i'm waiting for feedback before i can go onward with the project. and going onwards means getting paid. and i need to get paid!

so yesterday and today i've been moping about the house. yesterday i was productive and managed to gocco our wedding thank you cards, but then once that task was done, i slipped back into mope-mode. today is no different. i rode my bike to the bank to deposit a cheque from another client and then picked up some envelopes for the thank you cards, but that was it. the rest of the afternoon i've spent checking email and reading my latest book (quite enjoyable). but i should be doing a lot more, dammit! i've got plans and ideas that should be implemented! i've got full-time jobs to look for! i've got a gym membership that needs attending to! but all this seems to be put on hold because i'm freaking out about my client and my job. i can continue being distracted or i can start being productive. the choice is obvious.

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