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August 01, 2005 - 9:53 pm

writing about our honeymoon is kinda difficult. writing about the past 30 days in one fell swoop is intimidating to say the least. point form highlights it is.

- eating crab at fisherman's warf in sf
- staying with myra-lee & eric & meeting shadowdress & john
- watts towers
- roscoe's chicken n' waffles
- camping in joshua tree
- desert wildlife
- eating burgers at the cow palace in amato, az
- bisbee, az, an old victorian mining town 30 minutes north of the mexican border
- the gila cliff dwellings nat'l monument
- pretty much all of new mexico
- raspberry pancakes at a tiny cafe in hillsboro, nm where we were greeted by locals
- hiking in zion
- north rim of the grand canyon

our honeymoon was fantastic and it's hard to put into words what i loved and what we experienced.

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