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June 13, 2005 - 12:16 am

on friday i received a letter from the government. a few weeks ago, i decided that my designer lifestyle wasn't all it was cracked up to be, so i applied for a part-time job as a passport examiner. apparently, i made it through the first round (whatever that means) and on june 22nd i'm to go in for testing. it's actually two tests: a "checking test" to assess my ability to verify information & note inconsistencies & a "general competency test" to assess general cognitive ability. i'm allowed to bring in a calculator. i've had 2 government tests in my past. one was for the post office where i successfully passed the necessary tests and worked as a christmas postal worker for 2 years in a row. the other was for a clerical position in the immigration department. not only did i pass with flying colours (i came in number 1 out of all testers) in all their tests & interviews, i actually turned down their job offer. although, i think i made the right decision in turning it down (my parents don't think so), i'm still willing to give this government job thing another go. i mean, i could definitely be interested in high-paying part-time work in the glamourous world of passport examination. let my high-flying continental life-style begin, dammit!

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