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June 11, 2005 - 2:42 pm

i'm restless but it's hailing (!!) and raining hard outside. c just wants to stay in and make copies of our wedding cd, which i can understand, but it's just not as fun as sploshing about in the rain/hail.

last night our friends threw us a "stag + doe" party. thankfully, there were no embarrassing games....just good food and drinks and conversation. our friend anita -- the only "married" there gave a speech and decided that it was her duty to spread the joys of marriage with gifts and kind words. it was well appreciated by us and very sweet.

in other wedding news, i will go and pick up my dress tommorrow and i'm pretty excited about that! i'm actually excited to start working on it & make it feel like my dress with appliques, embroidery and button-craziness. whooo!

i can't believe that in 2 weeks, we'll be at our wedding and married. i hope we've planned enough! eeek. my nerves are going through the roof.

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