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June 13, 2005 - 9:11 pm

things are slowly being crossed off the wedding list. the dress is now in my hands & it fits beautifully. yesterday i modeled it for c complete with a veil that i made myself in an hours time. i looked pretty bridal & it was kinda freaky. now i just have to get out my sewing machine and start sewing branches and stitching leaves. not to mention all the buttons i'll be sewing on. wow, i'm gonna go nuts.

today was a busy day working, which is nice because it means i'll have money when i come back from honeymoon. unfortunately, i was supposed to receive a cheque from my new but reliable client and it hasn't arrived yet. their bookeeper told me it was mailed out june 1st and i should have received it by now. i'll give it a few more days...but fuck, i really need that money!

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