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June 04, 2005 - 6:31 pm

we're getting rid of stuff from our apartment. lists of videos were put on craigslist and other message boards and they are being hauled off this weekend by various folks. i'm not very sentimental about old stuff...well at least not old videotapes. if we were talking about my vintage mixing bowls or knickknacks that would be a different story. sometime this month there will be a huge neighbourhood garage sale and i'm gathering piles for that too. stuff has just got to go! c's got 2 pairs of converse sneaks that he bought at the wrong size when we were in portland awhile ago, so he's got to sell those too. i wonder if anyone buys chucks off craigslist? ebay? probably.

last night we celebrated dan's birthday at the rugby club and ate steak and lobster and szechewan green beans. somehow amid all the food and good times, i managed to put away 5 caesars. it was a tipsy bike ride back to dan's where he whipped up pitchers of margarita and we played many bouts of survive/survivre (no doubt the best board game ever). it was dan's margaritas did me in. oh so tasty and deadly, yum.

i've got cake in the icebox cooling. i've baked a cake for the newly married mrs sweets (aka demoderby) and it's fine time to visit with cake!

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