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June 03, 2005 - 8:52 am

our apartment is still in shambles post-new carpet. there is hope however, that we can configure something new and exciting with our hallway. now that it's empty of shoes, boots, coats, and bags it's less of a dumping ground and more of a space. i've decided to sacrifice few pairs of shoes and some well-worn coats in order to have a spacious hallway. c is doing the same.

yesterday i went on a mini shopping spree and it's been a long time since i've actually shopped. working from home is a real money saver as i'm not tempted by stopping in stores on my lunchbreaks or getting a latte at 3 o'clock. i figured some summer clothes were in order since we'll be doing some travelling in hot climates this summer during our honeymoon. i bought a really pretty skirt, some gym pants, a new hoodie, and 2 sleeveless tops. phew! i've got to stop the shop, although this morning i saw this toaster and decided that i had to have it. luckily, i have restraint (and the fact that we're paying for a wedding & a honeymoon put a stop to wishful purchasing).

and honeymoon speaking, if anyone has any must see stops in california, arizona, new mexico, vegas, or utah, please let me know! we'll be in sf for 3 days and will maybe stop in la for a day or two. we'll be seeing bryce/grand/zion canyons and driving through big sur but we need more ideas! great restaurant stops are also important! help!!

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