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May 31, 2005 - 9:02 am

yesterday was a complete write-off. we spent the day waiting for our carpet installer and then when he arrived, he doubled the cost he originally quoted, so he dropped off the carpet and left. cornelius called around various installers trying to get them to come by that day and finally found one. oh boy. this installer was crazy-go-nuts and fully creepy. he only could do half the job (our livingroom) and he'll be back this afternoon to finish the hallway. the unfortunate part is that c is working today, so that means i'll have to be around while he "works" and shoots his mouth off. i'm not looking forward to it.

yesterday morning, while we still had internet i had a conference call with my client and figured out that i have enough work to last me to the wedding -- which is a relief cuz we'll definitely need the money.

it's raining today, my clients are in los angeles, i've got a crazy installer to deal with. i think i will take things easy today and relax. i think i see season one of the gilmore girls on dvd in my future.

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