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May 27, 2005 - 9:57 am

yesterday afternoon, after launching a website for a client, i decided to indulge in a little leftover sangria. it wasn't the greatest move. instead of giving me that nice glowy feeling, it knocked me on my back and i spent the next 2 hours passed out on my bed. definitely not the productive afternoon i was hoping for.

that will change today and i've got the lists to prove it. the first order of business -- once i get breakfast and the gym out of the way -- will be to clean house. our place is a mess and we will be having out of town visitors this weekend. so not only will it need to tidy, but the fridge and bar will need to be stocked. kyla is coming up from portland and she is thowing me some kind of surprise bridal shower or something. i have no idea of what that involves but as long as it involves fruity drinks i think i can be okay with it.

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