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May 04, 2005 - 2:48 pm

i'm trying to plan my birthday party which is turning into quite the disaster. my birthday is this sunday & c doesn't have the day off. i was hoping to have a relatively civilized afternoon party with croquet, bocci ball and a picnic...but i know c would be upset if he couldn't make it. he has saturday off, but all of my friends work on saturday, so it's a bit frustrating to set something up in the daytime. i guess it's not really helpful that i totally forgot about my own birthday and i'm cursed because i didn't plan ahead. now i've got to rack my brains & come up with something else fun. dammit.

yesterday we went to the bay & created our registry. it was frustrating and painful...i think the woman signing us up was shocked that we didn't want to collect reward points or wanted matching luggage. we also picked up our marriage license which was kind of thrilling. c had to raise his right hand & swear to not be related to me or something serious like that. yesterday i also went to my almost-final dress fitting. it fits like a dream and it's very flattering. it's kind of funny (and very gone with the wind-like) to have a dress made out of old curtains. heehee. my dressmaker is a dream. when i asked her what the final cost will be, she said her quote at the beginning is still the same. $100. i can't believe it. it's a very professionally done, fully lined, and she even provided the material. she also gave me a skirt that was part of her line a couple of seasons ago and didn't sell (she had it in her closet & it was my size). free! she doesn't want more money, and i really want to show my gratitude and appreciation. i'll buy her some good wine & bake her a cake & donate some vintage fabric that i have laying around. any other ideas on what i should do for her??

all morning/afternoon i've been busy with work. i want to head to the gym now, but i'm waiting on a client to get back to me with time-sensitive stuff. grrrr. i hate waiting around!

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